What is R’ Zev Farber Trying to Do? And What Should Be Our Response?

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The most important discussion in orthodox Judaism right now is the pair of articles written by R’ Zev Farber. The articles have been deemed heresy by R’ Gordimer on Cross-Currents. If you are averse to reading anything that might touch on issues and ideas that are possibly heretical please stop reading and pick up a Nesivos Shalom or something.

Still here? Okay. The two articles say different things so I’d like to briefly address the Cross-Currents post as it relates to the “short article.” This article went through two versions. R’ Gordimer’s article used the first version which was more objectionable. R’ Farber’s article was edited a full week before the article on Cross-Currents was published. I find this to be egregious. If you are going to call someone a heretic, possibly the worst thing to call an orthodox Jew, you best be sure that every detail of your case is accurate. Read…

Some Ammunition for Moderates in the Battle Over Modesty

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So much excellent writing has come forth due to the controversy over Beit Shemesh and Meah Shearim. This week two additions to the genre found themselves at the top of the heap.

Both authors are rabbis. Neither are rabbis that are appreciated or recognized by anyone (or almost no-one) in the right wing orthodox Jewish community. That’s a shame because their message is valuable for the RWOJ community and they will not read or pay heed to these articles because they come from outside.

There is room to quibble over details within these articles but I think we can all agree that the sentiments are important and at the very least deserve a response if not agreement.

The first article was written by Rabbi Marc Angel. In his article, Rabbi Angel proposes modern tznius guidelines that do not change halacha but do change social expectations. In his words: Read…