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How Did We Get Here? Explaining the Unabashed Support for Rubashkin

Allow me to begin by saying that it is not unreasonable to want to help Rubashkin. Certainly, when one of our own is thrown into the justice system we hope and pray that their experience will be as pleasant as possible. Incurring a harsh 27 year sentence is an eye popping, hair raising turn of events. Rubashkin deserves our compassion, empathy and assistance. The question…

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The Rubashkin Case: A no-spin, unbiased summary

I post this as a public service. (And a challenge to all the frum sites and newspapers to publish this summary.) For a couple years now, the “frum” news sites and papers have reported a whitewashed version of the Rubashkin case. This has caused foolish outrage, claims of anti-Semitism, calls for the lives of the judges who presided over the appeal, condemnation of the criminal…

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Jewish Pirates

Lessons in Anti-Semitism From Jewish Pirates of the Caribbean

A little while ago I read the unfortunately mis-titled book,¬†Jewish Pirates of the Caribbean. I say unfortunately mis-titled because the book was excellent but it really was not about Jewish Pirates and certainly was not limited at all to the Caribbean. The book was good because it tells the story of some of the most famous Converso Jews following the Spanish and Porteguese Inquisition. The…

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A Must Read Maharsha

Head over to DovBear for this post: An Appropriate Maharsha (If you don’t know who the Maharsha is, don’t bother…)

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27 Years Is A Harsh Sentence But Not The Only Harsh Sentence

Cross-posted to DovBear: Harsher Sentences Are Not The Answer This is what the shoe feels like when it’s on the other foot. For decades, right-wing / republican / conservative / Judeo-Christian Valuists have talked a big game when it comes to fighting crime. Running on “Law and Order” platforms and promising harsh sentences for criminals was a sure way to gain support. On the other…

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Is the Rubashkin Saga / Trial Anti-Semitic?

This post has been cross-posted to DovBear. More discussion there. (Link) If you are like me, you have been reading about the Rubashkin saga for months. What began with a Federal raid at a meat processing plant to ferret out hundreds of illegal alien employees is now culminating with a federal and state trial. (Link) If you are like me, you have been hearing that…

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