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What is Rationalist Judaism?

The term Rationalist Judaism has been clanking around the Internet and Orthodox Jewish conversation for a while now. It’s not quite a movement, but there are some very strong contemporary voices behind Rationalist Judaism. Many people think the term is an oxymoron. Others think it is intellectually dishonest. Yet others think it is heresy. But without a working definition or at least a framework to…

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The Farmer and the Shepherd | Pre-Pesach Class 2013

Sometimes we have trouble related to the ancient story of the Exodus. If you’ve ever wondered if the story has lessons for us in 2013 this is the class for you. Please enjoy this class on the Exodus story. It presents the story through a R’ Hirschian lens to make the story of the Exodus relevant to a modern Passover celebration. Feel free to leave…

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Frankfurt to Tel Aviv in 2012: A Pesach Message

I am blessed to be able to spend Pesach in Israel this year. En route, we made a stopover in Frankfurt, Germany. I know many people who are uncomfortable with anything remotely German. They do not buy products from Germany, they would never visit for recreation, and they have a general distaste for the German language. I understand these people. I am not one of…

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Rationalist Reading and Gift List

In anticipation of the upcoming gift giving season I have compiled a short list of books that I think would make a great gift for the orthodox Jewish Rationalist in your life. If that happens to be you, ask for an Amazon gift card and buy these books for yourself! As an Amazon affiliate, I receive a small commission when you make Amazon purchases via links…

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In Defense of Yom Tov Sheni (The second day of Yom Tov outside the Land of Israel)

Tablet Magazine tells us that there is a new crisis in the orthodox Jewish community. Keeping two days of yom tov outside the Land of Israel is under attack. The Torah commands the Jewish people to celebrate certain holidays with restrictions on creative activity akin to Shabbos. There are 6 days like this in the Torah. Rosh Hashanah (1), Sukkos (2), Shmini Atzeres (3), Pesach…

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Attempted Murder in New Square: An Analysis

For some background, see yesterday’s post: Thoughts on Kiryas Joel: The Poorest City in America The chasidic town of New Square (an enclave that is very similar to KJ) has found itself in the news for all the wrong reasons. Last week an 18 year old goon attempted to burn down a man’s home along with the people inside the home. The target had been a…

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huppa chupa

Adam, Eve and the Lesson of Marriage

Special thanks to community member Elizabeth Danziger, founder of Worktalk Communications Consulting, for assisting in transforming this sermon from last year into an essay for this year. Adam, Eve and The Lesson of Marriage Breishis 5769 Breishis is an incredible Parsha. Of the many pertinent topics in this week’s Torah reading, I was immediately drawn to one specific area of the Parsha. The creation of…

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