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Why Do Rabbis Make Jokes at Serious Times?

Jews are funny. I mean that in two ways. Jews make good jokes and we also do things that are funny sometimes. And by funny things, I mean odd. My impression is that preachers are pretty serious when they speak from the pulpit. I think that the same could be said for imams. But for some reason, rabbis are always telling jokes.

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Enlightening Article in The New Yorker About Kosher Pork

You may have heard about the humorous mix-up that led to some pork being labeled as kosher. Yes. You heard right. The pork was not actually kosher, it was mislabeled. It would have been hard to fool somebody as it clearly said “pork” on the label. The usual suspects among the orthodox Jewish blogs tab articles on the mix-up and the comments ran the gamut…

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Jon Stewart Helps You Understand Judaism With A Handy Flowchart

Jon Stewart wrote a cleverly titled book called “Earth: A visitors guide to the human race”. I have not read the book and I probably won’t read it. However, I saw this great excerpt on The Jewish Journal of Los Angeles website. The book provides a key to understanding all types of humans. Being a member of the tribe, Stewart claims to have some inside…

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New Microsoft Ad is Funny: Intentional or Not?

Microsoft has had its share of wacky advertisements. I am still trying to figure out if this ad is very funny or unintentionally humorous. You’ll see a mom trying to get a picture she can “share without ridicule”. So she crops and adds and edits her photo until its Facebook worthy. Then she proclaims –  a picture I can share without ridicule. Except the picture…

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Ikea Gedola

Here is something that will get you in the High Holiday spirit. Sometimes I see video on YouTube that I cannot help but share with you. This 13 second gem was sent to me by a friend. It appeals to my sense of humor. It actually made me laugh. Background story below… Enjoy.

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tiger gatorade focus

Gatorade Becoming Kosher, Drops Tiger Woods From Endorsements

In the last few weeks Gatorade has been in the news for two separate reasons. One relates to its kosher certification and one relates to an endorsement deal with a famous athlete. Is there a connection? [Disclaimer: Please read the rest of this post tongue-in-cheek. I’m no expert on writing in general and certainly not humorous writing. This post is intended to be 13% information…

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