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27 Years Is A Harsh Sentence But Not The Only Harsh Sentence

Cross-posted to DovBear: Harsher Sentences Are Not The Answer This is what the shoe feels like when it’s on the other foot. For decades, right-wing / republican / conservative / Judeo-Christian Valuists have talked a big game when it comes to fighting crime. Running on “Law and Order” platforms and promising harsh sentences for criminals was a sure way to gain support. On the other…

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"The Thief" Part I | Always a Thief

A Guest Post By The Thief Introduction here. I used to be a thief. Let me tell you my story. As a child I always played by my own rules. My mother would often say that I danced to the beat of a different band. A different drum was not enough to describe my differences, no, I needed a full band. My career as a…

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