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Malcolm Gladwell and "Perfection"

I was sent this link by PJC member Judd Magilnick. Malcolm Gladwell is a great writer and has had a great influence on my thinking. Perhaps the greatest secular influence on me of all! I have not yet had a chance to read his new…

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Messilas Yesharim 12/14

Today we continued our discussion of the purpose of man in this world. Ramchal deals with this central issue by offering 2 options for the existence of man. Option 1: Man is created to perform in this physical world as best as he can. He…

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Connections 12/08/08_1

Perfection | Connections 12/08/08

Our first Connections Event was a success! About 30 community members showed up with varying levels of observance and Jewish education The topic was Perfection and you can listen to the class from your computer. Click through to listen now. You can also subscribe to…

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