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Messilas Yesharim 12/21

Ramchal continues his chapter on the role of man in this universe. Ramchal argues that no sensible person could really believe that the purpose of creation is for our existence in this world. If you think about it, an intelligent creator would not possibly crate…

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A Good Man Never Rests – Drasha Vayeshev

Thank you to community member Milton Simon for editing these Shabbos speeches given at the Pacific Jewish Center from my notes into these articles. The Torah tells us in this week’s parsha, “Vayeshev Yaakov b’eretz megurei aviv b’eretz Canaan” Yaakov and his entire family returned…

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Adolf Hitler Campbell can't get a birthday cake

Here’s a good one… We just named our baby and honestly a lot of thought goes into it! This family decided a good name for their bundle of sweetness and joy is ADOLF HITLER Campbell! Imagine this kid going through life with a name like…

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