Hello and welcome to Finkorswim.com. My name is Eliyahu Fink (I also go by Eli, eee-lie not eh-lee) and when I started this blog I was the recently hired rabbi at the Pacific Jewish Center, also known as the Shul on the Beach, in Venice California. I was the rabbi there for 6 and half years. The name of this blog made more sense when I was the rabbi on the beach (read about that here: Why Finkorswim?), but the name sticks for now.

I blogged almost every day for about 4-5 years and built a pretty big blog audience. As blog readership declined across the Internet, I devoted more time to microblogging on Facebook. I wrote fewer posts on the blog from 2013-2015, but there are more essays and long-reads that are worth your time.

Now I devote my writing and creative time to the Shul on the Internet. Come check us out at shulontheinternet.com.

Click around and explore the blog. Click the magnifying glass on top to search for pretty much anything Jewish and you’ll find something. Click the envelope to subscribe to updates so you don’t have to remember to come and visit – we will come to you instead.

If you have any questions for the Rabbi please send me a private and confidential email. I answer all emails. Please include religion, level of observance, age and gender in all questions.

While working as Rabbi at PJC, I graduated Loyola Law School of Los Angeles.

I come from a long line of rabbis and Jewish community activists.

I attended the Mechina High School of the Ner Israel Rabbinical College and developed a love for learning Torah, questioning Jewish ideas, and trying to understand and explain Judaism.

Following High School I attended the Yeshiva of Far Rockaway.

After a few years in YFR, I got married and became a fellow in Kollel Avodas Levi back in Ner Israel. It is there that I studied for Rabbinic Ordination and I was ordained following my examination in 2005.

I was recruited to work as a Rabbi for the Jewish Awareness Movement run by Bracha Zaret on the University of Southern California campus. It was there that I worked especially hard to understand how the Torah system works and began teaching these ideas to whomever was interested. I took about 200 college students on inspiring trips to Israel and New York. I maintain many of those relationships to this very day.

Opinions expressed on this blog are my own. No one officially endorses this blog.

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