Gone Fishin’ (again)

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gone-fishin-1.jpgI did not study appropriately for the bar exam in July. I was justifiably distracted, but losing a month of review doomed me. I was still pretty close, so I am confident that with more attention I can slay the California Bar Exam 55% Pass Rate Dragon. However, the review course will require 8-10 hours of my time every day. I don’t have the time to write blog posts, respond to comments, post on Facebook or Twitter, and study properly while being a father, husband, and rabbi of Pacific Jewish Center. Something has to give. In this instance, it will be the Internet.

I will not be updating the blog until after the bar exam, nor will I be posting on Facebook or Twitter during that time.

There are nearly 1000 blog posts on this blog. At least a couple of them are pretty good. Personally, I find it especially interesting to read old blog posts, even my own. If you find an old post you like, leave a comment or share it on Facebook or Twitter (or the graveyard that is Google Plus). My Facebook wall will not be open for friends to post new links but you can browse my Timeline for some of the best discussions of smart, diverse people on the Internet and carry on the conversation without me.

If you are learning the Daf with us, don’t worry the Daf Yomi site will be updated regularly. For Twitter updates when the Daf is posted you will need to follow @tweettherabbi.

Have fun without me. I will miss you all. I mean it.

It will be a challenge to stay off the airwaves, but it is a necessary measure.

Until March, I bid you adieu.

If you need me, I will be answering emails.