Angus T. Jones Should Quit ‘Two and a Half Men’ If He Was Being Honest

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There is a very lowbrow television show called Two and Half Men. It used to star Charlie Sheen, but he went off the reservation. Ashton Kutsher took over for Sheen. But the other two stars have been there since the start. Believe it or not, despite capitalizing on bathroom humor, objectification of women, and recycling its own jokes, Two and Half Men is the #1 comedy on TV every year and it makes zillions of dollars. (What does that say about American culture?)

The stars of the show make upwards of $350,000 per 30 minute episode. Angus T. Jones is the actor who plays the youngest member of the household. He is a very, very wealthy young man.

Recently he has been doing some soul searching. Apparently making millions did not satisfy Mr. Jones, he needed some spirituality in his life. So he joined a black Mega Church in Atlanta that is Seventh Day Adventist (my favorite kind of Christians), where a man named The Forerunner preaches about the ills of today’s society. The Forerunner did a two part video of Angus T. Jones’ Testimony. This is Mega-Church-Speak for one’s story of how they found Jesus.

If you want to hear Angus’s story click the YouTube link at the bottom of the post. Fascinating stuff.

But there is one quote in there that has become newsworthy. Angus says:

“If you watch ‘Two and a Half Men’, please stop watching ‘Two and a Half Men,’ I’m on ‘Two and a Half Men’ and I don’t want to be on it. If I am doing any harm, I don’t want to be here. I don’t want to be contributing to the enemy’s plan… You cannot be a true God-fearing person and be on a television show like that. I’m not okay with what I’m learning, what the Bible says and being on that television show.”

Now this set off a bit of a firestorm. Angus has since apologized and all seems okay at this point.

The question I have is whether Angus should be working on a show that he feels goes against his morals. If he feels that it is such a disgraceful show, how can he not be a hypocrite if he still acts on the show?

Perhaps the fact that he is under contract makes fulfilling the terms of his obligation the morally correct thing to do. I’m not sure.

It just seems so disingenuous to talk about not wanting to be on the show and then being on the show. No one is forcing him. He should have the strength to act upon his convictions. If it’s really so bad (and apparently it is) he should put his money where his mouth is, and quit.

Otherwise, it’s just a lot talk.

Link: YouTube (part 1) and YouTube (part 2)

  • Holy Hyrax

    Here, here.

  • joshwaxman

    actually, “hear, hear”.,_hear

    • Holy Hyrax

      I knew that Josh. I was just testing you.

  • Maybe he believes strongly in his obligations that he has already committed to. The real test in my eyes is if he signs for an additional season…

    • Azi Grae

      yes, let’s see if he passes Bukingolts’s test

    • As I said in the post, it’s possible.

  • Machshavos

    He’s 19 and soul searching. I’m inclined to cut him some slack. Let’s see how long he questions the morality of his being on the show and how long he sticks around on it.

  • vladimir

    Angus is not only obliged to continue working by the contract, but also being forced by the amount of money he is habitually enjoying and above all – because his parents would ‘disown’ him if he quits. Addiction to Inhuman money is worse than any drug. It takes a change of one’s personality to escape the eternal damage.