Beautiful Video of United Jewish Relief Efforts in Seagate in the Wake of Hurricane Sandy

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Many neighborhoods were completely destroyed by Sandy. One particularly devastated area was the Seagate neighborhood of Brooklyn.

Seagate is a orthodox Jewish neighborhood. Many people living there are in basement apartments compounding the effect of the storm.

A massive effort was coordinated to try assist in the clean up of the neighborhood. Jews from all over the east coast (and I am sure some from further away too) organized a huge volunteer network and despite all their great work, much more work still needs to be done.

A very touching video has been produced that depicts a small sliver of the kindness amidst the destruction.

It is hard to watch and even harder not to feel a strong tug of emotions as you watch. The confluence of devastation in people’s homes and the outpouring of support from the community is quite moving. Equally impressive is the potpourri of Jews who came to help. You’ll see all shapes, sizes, and colors of orthodox Jewish men in the video. It is powerful to see the unity displayed for the sake of this relief effort. It was also cool to see my brother in law doing work in the video. Shkoyach!

Great job by Aryeh Gelbard of Studio 7 producing this video. Thank you.

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Watch the video here:


  • Sad, yet extremely inspiring, that so many people had to come from baltimore… not enough Jews in the tristate area to lend a helping hand??

    • Don’t be a moron. Tons of Jews from the tri-state area were there. Including my brother in law.

    • MarkSoFla

      They WANTED to (not “had to”) come in from Baltimore to lend a hand!!! It’s called chessed.

    • GilaB

      I was there with a bus of people from Washington Heights/YU/Stern. The other volunteers we met were almost all from Brooklyn. They all seemed surprised to see female volunteers (‘What, ladies are volunteering?’)

  • our shul is monsey raised close to $50,000 for sandy victims from far rockaway. Is there a central fund established for Sea Gate. If so, Yossi Green omitted it

  • vladimir

    I forwarded the article with the video to my son in NY. He has flu, but he said he would go there anyway. Heart-breaking and soul inlighting video-story.

  • tesyaa

    Living in a basement apartment on a barrier island without sufficient flood insurance is an unfortunate situation. Naturally folks in that situation deserve massive amounts of help, but perhaps they will rethink their living situation once the shock of the storm is over.

    • MarkSoFla

      Building a basement on a barrier island is just plain stupid. But it’s what happens when zoning is subject more to politics than to sense and science. Here on the Florida peninsula, there are hardly any basements at all, even in flood plain X zones! (and, trust me, we have plenty of political meddling in zoning laws, but some things are just plain old obvious).

      • tesyaa

        Agree 100%. But there’s such a thing as common sense too. Even if zoning allows you to do something stupid, you don’t have to do it. Don’t people say they don’t want the government to make decisions for them?

        • MarkSoFla

          I was trying to say that …. most places in Florida don’t have specific zoning laws against basements, but nevertheless, most developers are smart enough to not build them. I’ve only seen one development around here where the developer advertised “basement included” for some of their models (and even those were probably half basements).