People Who You See While Taking the California Bar Exam

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The Bar Exam is over. Congratulations to everyone who took it with me. Yes, congratulations are in order for simply finishing the grueling exam. Three days, 18 hours, 6 essays, 2 performance test, 200 multiple choice questions, and hours of super-obvious instructions. Yes. Surviving the test deserves accolades. Now that it is over, I hope we all pass (even though that is impossible).

If you took the exam you’ll like this little list I have been working on.

If you haven’t taken it, well, to give you a taste of who does take the exam, I compiled a list of people who you see while taking the bar exam.

Bar exam veterans: Feel free to add your own in the comments…

People Who You See While Taking California Bar Exam

People who wait in the 20 minute Disneyland line on the first day

People who skip the line on the first day

People who you know

People who you don’t know

People who hate BarBri

People who didn’t do BarBri

People who didn’t study enough

People who studied way too much

People who study until the very last moment in the hallway outside the exam

People who smoke

People who think the exam is easy

People who think the exam is impossible

People who write the exam by hand in 2012

People who have inspirational graphics as their computer desktop wallpaper

People who bring laptop stands, wired keyboards, and mice

People who bring every single permissible item in a giant clear plastic bag

People who bring pillows and foot stands

People who grow bar exam beards

People who are very old

People who are bar exam proctors

People who are bar exam proctors and Loyola proctors

People who wear Crocs

People who wear 4 inch heels

People who don’t wear any shoes at all

People who wear track suits

People who wear the same track suits they wore to bar review

People who wear track suit pants with button down dress shirts

People who wear T-shirts with inspirational phrases

People who wear the same T-shirt every day

People who wear pajamas

People who dress for the club

People who dress for the gym

People who smell bad

People who go to the bathroom a lot

People who literally sprint to the bathroom

People who take breaks during the exam for yoga and calisthenics

People who look like they are going to lose their mind

People who look like they are going to vomit

People who finish early

People who scramble to finish in the last five minutes

People who pass

People who fail

People who cheer when the bar exam is over

People who cheer when they are dismissed from the bar exam

People who think about these kinds of things while they should be taking the exam

  • Calvin

    haha rabbi e, loved the article man. Good to see you in pasadena! Best wishes to all of us come november! Cheers to surviving and sitting through that storm. – Calvin

  • azigrae

    You should write for Thought Catalog.

  • People with strange and interesting rituals to enhance concentration and focus during the exam:

    1) People who stand outside the exam room pouring 6 cans of Redbull into a 1 liter clear plastic bottle.

    2) People who don’t because they don’t want to waste time in the bathroom.

    3) People who are preoccupied with doing a cost-benefit analysis between (1) and (2).

    4) People who eat Cliff Bars.

    5) People who eat Bananas.

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  • dan

    Mazel tov on the ATL link.