I Was On NPR

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A total of three people contacted me to tell they heard me on NPR on Monday. Kudos to you three for listening. The segment was actually produced by American Public Media for their Marketplace program. It was a 20 minute interview and the producer selected two tiny quotes from the entire conversation. Such is life.

The segment provided some background on the nuance of opinions regarding the Asifa and managing the Internet in the orthodox Jewish home. Sadly, it was all moot, seeing as the rabbis threw down the gauntlet. But I think we’ve exhausted ourselves discussing belaboring that point.

Anyway, if you want to hear your favorite rabbi of a Shul on Venice Beach, click the link below.

Link: Marketplace on NPR

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    Sorry… but I will not waste my time listening to NPR. Even if you are on it. NPR is a total waste of time. 

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      NPR is not a total waste of time if you want to hear news with an absurdly strong Liberal bias presented as though it’s objective and non partisan.

  • As a loyal subscriber of WNYC in New York (which carries Marketplace in the afternoon), well done!