Happy Pesach 2012

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Happy Pesach / Passover to you!

New blog posts will return after the holiday.

After all, it is Pesach.

Posts for Pesach:

Matza in the NY Times and In Our Times

Pre-Pesach Class 2011

Who is the Wicked Son?

Is Elijah the Prophet a Jewish Version of Santa Claus?

Frankfurt to Tel Aviv in 2012: A Pesach Message

What’s that? You’ve never heard of Pesach?

If you are in Venice or Santa Monica, or even greater Los Angeles, come to the Shul on the Beach at 505 Ocean Front Walk on the Venice Boardwalk and experience some Pesach for yourself.

Can’t make it?

Here is some good material on the subject…

Intermittently I will be available by email. If you need something just send me an email.