Rebbetzin Chana Weinberg, Of Blessed Memory

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Photo: Lloyd Wolf

Yesterday, Rebbeztin Chana Weinberg passed away. She was a heroic woman and an important figure in the lives of many people including my father and grandmother. Her public claim to fame may have been her pedigree as a daughter of Rabbi Ruderman and the wife of Rabbi Yaakov Weinberg. But to those who knew her or knew of her, Rebbetzin Weinberg was a person worthy of individual accolades and recognition separate from her illustrious father and husband.

Personally, I did not have a relationship with the Rebbetzin. I do have many fond memories of meeting her, being in her home and hearing of her greatness. As a young child I remember visiting the Rosh Yeshiva with my father and I remember him making a point of telling me that part of the visit was to see the Rebbetzin as well. We were not just visiting the Rosh Yeshiva and she happened to be there too. We were visiting her as well.

It’s interesting to me that one of the things I remember most about Rabbi Weinberg was his vibrant smile. I have the same kind of memory of the Rebbetzin. Her warmth exuded from her smile. Oftentimes, young children find elderly people scary. I only remember pleasant and loving vibrations from my early visits with the Rebbetzin. Read…