Innocent or Guilty, Jerry Sandusky is a Very Strange Man

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In a mind boggling decision, Jerry Sandusky agreed offered to be interviewed by the great Bob Costas. This was curious.  But some of Sandusky’s responses were even more curious.

Costas asked all the tough questions and I recommend reading the transcript and / or watching the video.

The thing that caught my eye the most was a Sandusky response to a very provocative Costas question.

Towards the end of the interview Costas asked Sandusky:

Are you sexually attracted to young boys, to underage boys?

To which Sandusky, in classic Talmudic fashion, responds with a question:

Am I sexually attracted to underage boys?

At this point every single normal human being is thinking this:


Being the nice guy (at least on Camera) that he is, Costas offers him a second chance and answers Sandusky’s ridiculous question. So Costas says:


Sandusky realizes he better answer the question so he replies:

Sexually attracted, you know, I enjoy young people. I love to be around them. But no I’m not sexually attracted to young boys.

WHAT?! It took him three prefatory phrases to get to the word “No”. To me, this indicates something very significant.

Like most predators, Sandusky is oblivious to the peculiarity of his behavior. He thinks it is normal. He is not phased by the fact that someone just asked him about being sexually attracted to young boys. This is not normal.

At this point it is fair to say that whether Sandusky is guilty or innocent, he is a very strange man.

If someone would ask me or almost any of you reading this blog post the question that Bob Costas asked Jerry Sandusky I am confident that 99.99% of the group would react strongly and assertively that we are not attracted to young boys. Sandusky didn’t.

I believe that this fits the pathology of sexual predators. They don’t see themselves as doing anything wrong. They see their acts as normal. Perhaps at one time it was normal. I have heard of historical societies that did not frown upon this kind of behavior. That does not make it right, it just makes it less objectionable. But in our society it is considered abuse and a crime to do the things Sandusky is alleged to have done. It is objectionable. And it is up to us to be vigilant in protected our children and those who are dependent on us from predators.

Penn State failed the victims. Society failed the victims. But it is even more disturbing to get a peek into a twisted mind and see what is so patently obvious now but was ignored far too long.

That is, Mr. Sandusky is a sick man. Sick men will do harmful things to people.

Video here:

With a slight tip of the hat to Colin Cowherd.

Links: Transcript

  • Anonymous

    “Like most predators, Sandusky is oblivious to the peculiarity of his behavior”
    I didn’t watch the interview, which should have never happened, but I did read that he said something to the effect of, “in hindsight, I probably shouldn’t have showered with the boys.” 

    Talk about an understatement. So you are surely right, he doesn’t even get what the problem is with what he did. 

    • That was the second most egregious quote.