Personal Invitation

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This Shabbos I have the privilege of being “Scholar in Residence” at BMOB in Bergenfield, NJ. This only goes to show that the word “scholar” does not have a very high entry point.

If you are local, I would love to see you over Shabbos.

The pre-Mincha shiur (7 PM) should be interesting. It’s called: “The Parameters of Torah She’Baal Peh, Rabbinic Authority, and Individual Autonomy”. We will discover some great insights based on the Rambam’s hakdama to Mishnah Torah and R’ Yaakov Weinberg’s classes on the hakdama.

Also, at Shloshudos I will be talking briefly and answering questions on my experiences as a rabbi blogger.

Again, it would be wonderful to see you there.

  • Eliezer Eisenberg

    We have had many “Scholar in Residence” programs here in Chicago, and, as you point out, their title belies the reality: neither in residence nor scholar.