Best Carmageddon Picture Ever! (So Far)

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Carmageddon was pretty much a dud. Traffic wasn’t too bad. It took 17 hours less than expected to reopen the 405 and as far as I know, the local impact did not come near the hype.

But forget what you would do if you needed to get from Burbank to Long Beach, (flying on Jet Blue was slower than public transportation and biking.) What would you do to commemorate the time where the 405 was empty? One of the busiest thoroughfares in the entire world. Serene. Silent. Empty.

These folks are the winners so far.

They made a dinner party on the 405. Complete with a table, fine china, table linens, formal dress and gourmet food. They set up the party quickly. Ate. Took a photo for posterity and in my opinion, WIN the “what’s the coolest thing you could do on the 405 during Carmageddon” contest.

Can you top this?

The LA Times has all the amazing details.

Link: LA Times

Also See: LA Times Slideshow of Carmageddon

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  • they are awfully lucky and fortunate that even just one single car did not come speeding down the empty highway and smash right into them

    • You can’t be serious? It was closed for over 24 hours before they even tried
      this stunt!

      • i wasnt aware it was completely shut down. I thought people were simply advised to not use it because it would be partially shut down and traffic would be horrible.

  • spelling mistake quote: “what’s the coolest thing you could do on the 404 during Carmageddon” contest

    Any programmer would appreciate that Freudian slip. 🙂

    • Haha. Will fix ASAP. 🙂