The Arctic Light Video by TSO Photography: Beauty Beyond Words

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And now for something completely different…

If my last three posts offended you or made no sense to you, I hope I can win you back with today’s post.

This is one of most beautiful videos I have ever seen.

It was shot in the arctic circle and demonstrates one of the more fascinating phenomena on planet earth. The sun barely rises above the horizon, moves a bit to the side and then sets shortly thereafter.

Much of Jewish law is predicated on when the sun rises and sets. It assumes a fairly balanced day as far as daylight and darkness with variations for summer and winter. But I just can’t imagine a 2 hour Shabbos or 2 hour fast day. Maybe that is why orthodox Jews don’t live (as far as I know,) in the arctic circle.

Our world is so beautiful. Enjoy it!

Link for complete description: Vimeo

Via: Gizmodo

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    Absolutely gorgeous!

    But I just can’t imagine a 2 hour Shabbos

    Wouldn’t Shabbat still be from sunset to next sunset plus about an hour?