Outreach on the Beach | Wine Tasting 4/10/11

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In preparation for Pesach we held a wine tasting event at the Shul on the Beach.

The event was well attended and well received. Guests were treated to an exquisite spread of cheese, fruit, crackers and other tasty appetizers. Of course the stars of the event were the wines.

The wines at the tasting were four new kosher wines being sold at local Trader Joe’s locations. The wines are ridiculously affordable when compared with the usual cost of kosher wine. They range from $4.99 to $6.99 and they are quite good.

I want to thank Leslie Friedman from the PJC office for making the arrangements for the event and to my wife Tova for preparing the food and decor so beautifully.

I spoke for a few moments about the importance of wine We were treated to a presentation by Scott Widitor who talked for a few minutes about the wines and implored us to talk to our local Trader Joe’s about stocking these wines ore regularly. Also, it’s important to spread the word about these kosher wines being available at Trader Joe’s as they are not specially marked and the kosher symbol is on the back.

So look for Shimshon Weiner wines: Terrenal Tempranillo, Terrenal Cabernet Sauvignon, N.V. Sara Bee Moscato and Terrenal Chardonnay at your local Trader Joe’s.

The wines are pretty good and a super value. If we don’t ask Trader Joe’s to stock them, they won’t. It would be a shame if these wines came off the market.

Thanks to all who showed up for the event and we look forward to our next Sunday Outreach on the Beach event.

Enjoy the photos below.

  • ooh thanks for this, i’m going to give the union square tj’s wine shop a call and request some of this!