Super Bowl Ad Censorship: A Good Thing

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This Sunday, the most celebrated American tradition returns with its yearly dose of football. It’s the Super Bowl (TM). I know, I’m supposed to call it the “Big Game” or something nebulous like that, but I won’t.

For football fans, the Super Bowl is usually one of the most disappointing weeks of football. That’s because a team, OTHER THAN YOURS, wins the darn thing. But for non-football fans, the game is a yearly infusion of football and bits of entertainment spliced into 30 second spots called commercials.

This year, Fox is selling Super Bowl ads for about $2 million dollars a pop. It is the most watched television event every year and the cost of the commercial time creates a huge buzz surrounding the ads. Corporations dedicate millions of dollars to producing their Super Bowl ads and the ads live on far beyond the Super Bowl via YouTube and blogs inviting viewers to cast their votes as to their favorites.

Clearly, the Super Bowl is a huge opportunity for a company to generate buzz and market its products. Last year I wrote about the Pro-Life ad that was unnecessarily controversial (see: Tim Tebow’s Pro-Life Super Bowl Ad is Heartwarming and Reckless and then RETRACTION: Tim Tebow Ad WAS Harmless NOT Reckless). Read…