YU Basketball Coach in the Wall Street Journal (with a cameo by a PJC family member)

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As if the YU Maccabeats weren’t giving YU enough press (This Year’s Hottest Chanukah Song: Candlelight by The Maccabeats | Jewish Holiday Music), the YU Maccabees (basketball team) got some nice press last week as well.

The Wall Street Journal has a nice piece on Dr. Jonathan Halpert. He is the YU basketball coach of 39 years. That is a long time to be doing any job. Certainly in a field dominated by the coaching carousel, it is a worthy achievement.

The article is nice. It tells of the challenges of managing a team of Orthodox Jewish basketball players. Shabbos and Holidays are off limits to games and practices. The daily grind of a YU student includes religious studies until mid afternoon and then secular classes that can go until 8 PM.

Halpert gives the reader insight into his coaching and life philosophy and as a reader I found him to be inspiring.

In the article, there is one anecdote about making an impact on a player’s life.

There was the player who was cut but served as team manager for a year, made the squad the following season and hit a game-winning three-point shot at the buzzer. Dr. Halpert made five DVDs of the game for the player to show to his children. “That’s good to keep you going another five years,” he said.

A nice story. But even nicer because I happen to know that player.

That player is Aryeh Magilnick. Son of PJC members Judd and Denise Magilnick.

And I happen to know what shot Halpert was referring to. And now you do too.

Click the video to watch Aryeh Magilnick hit a classic buzzer beater. (Assume there is a buzzer and that the shot was released just before the buzzer sounded.)

Link: WSJ

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