This Year’s Hottest Chanukah Song: Candlelight by The Maccabeats | Jewish Holiday Music

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By now you probably have seen this one. If you haven’t, where have you been? I admit it, this one should have been first.

This is a great addition to the Jewish Chanukah music genre. It loses a few points for not being an original tune, but the guys do a great job “making it their own” as Simon Cowell would say. And the lyrics seem a little forced at times.

But the production is pretty good overall and the popularity of the video speaks for itself. Oh, and I would have loved to see a cameo by Taio Cruz. Maybe in the remix…

They have now been featured on CNN, The NY PostThe Huffington Post, and every single one of my Jewish friends’ Facebook page.

Enjoy the Maccabeats singing Candlelight…

  • Anonymous

    I listened once yesterday. Then my wife received it in an email and let the kids listen. Then they played it again and again about a hundred times 🙂

  • Chana

    If you liked that, then you may also like this awesome Chanukah parody video. Link is here:

  • Stam

    Look at me. Reading your blog!!
    I was very impressed with the actual video production, uri westrich did a fantastic job!

    • Nice to see you here!

      I dabble in video production as well, so I may tend to be a tad more critical…