Mesillas Yesharim 10/10/10

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Chapter 11 continued.

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World Against the Death Penalty Day

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October 10, 2010 (10/10/10) has been selected as the 8th World Against the Death Penalty Day. See: here.

That is today.

This year’s DATDP is dedicated to the United States of America where 52 people were executed in 2009 and 106 death sentences were handed down.

I wholeheartedly support abolishing the death penalty.

Far too many innocent people have been exonerated before they were executed and unfortunately many were executed before they were exonerated. This is blood on our hands.

Further, as I have argued before, I believe there is a moral issue with man made laws being used to execute other human beings, especially when those people pose no threat if they are incarcerated. See A Moral Argument Against The Death Penalty for my basic argument.

Let us strive for a day where there is no murder and no need to continue the debate over the death penalty…