Why Blogging Is Good

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On Twitter, someone (HT below) linked to this Verizon ad. I confess to never seeing the ad on TV but I commend Verizon for putting their ads on YouTube. Sometimes ads are art. This is one of those times.

I also admit to using Verizon for absolutely zero services. I don’t like them very much, I think their logo is dated, their name is weird and their customer service is deplorable. But I know a good ad when I see one.

Do I think this ad translates into sales? Probably not.

It remains an excellent piece of art.

Before Web 2.0 (user created content on the web) the public were consumers and not producers of content. That meant that a very select group of advantaged people became the voice of the people. Their opinions were the only opinions that mattered. This goes contrary to the American spirit of “We the People”.

That has all changed. The people have a voice. That voice is important (and can be disconcerting when we lose it, see: Your Unique Voice and A Kafkaesque Experience). YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, (which will become YouTwitFace in the year 3000) Blogging and commenting are the voice of the people. It is an almost completely democratic universe. If your content is good, people will read it or watch or discuss it. It’s a win for everyone.

If you don’t get it – watch the ad.

This ad gets it.

HT: HannabiNYC

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