Oh How I Yearn For The Anti-Semites of Yore

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There is a healthy nostalgia built into Judaism. “Chadesh yameni k’kedem” – renew our days to the way things were, we say. Of course, like any good thing, too much nostalgia is a bad thing.

After reading the famous case of Brandenburg v. Ohio I find myself pining for the anti-Jewish sentiment as expressed in 60’s as opposed to today.

Brandenburg was a Ku Klux Klan leader in Ohio. At a KKK rally, men dressed in robes and hoods burned a cross and made public declarations of hate. Among their offensive epithets:

“Bury the niggers”, “Freedom for the whites”, “Let’s get them back to the dark garden”,

(see FN1 in the Court opinion for the complete list) all clearly anti-black statements that are highly offensive.

Of course, no good KKK rally is complete without some anti-Jewish fun as well. These KKK Jew haters proclaimed:
“Send the Jews back to Israel”
Today’s anti-Jewish proclamations are more likely to echo Helen Thomas and say “Get the Jews out of Israel”.
Oh how I yearn for the anti-semites of yore. They were so much nicer to us…
  • I am afraid Sir, that your humor will escape the very ones whom it would do the most good. As near as I can tell the current wave of anti-Semitism is driven by the same thing it tusaly is, jealousy and envy of accoplishments that are the result of attitudes their own cultural landscapes do not as freely embrace.
    To me one of the best answers for people who claim the Jewish presence far beyond their numbers in many mentaly active fields to clanish nepotism is simply this; popularity in entertainment – you can buy the job, but it takes talent to get the ratings; you can’t fake that.
    And to answer the fools who see Jews behind only the bad things I say this:
    Look for humans doing creative, inelectual things and you will find Jews, a form of Human culture that highly prizes crreative intelligent callings; being human Jews are involved in all human ranges, good, bad, indiferent. You might as well look for a culture that is often present in armies and condemn them whenever they are on the losing side and praise them for that pursuit when they win.
    How about we just drop all racism and jusge each individual on their fruits while understnding the predelictions of culture?

    Got Jews? Theyt Do a Culture Good!

    • Your comments are greatly appreciated.

    • Oh, and before I get either of us grilled for a fantasy of paranoid minds, I am not even Jewish myself.