KCET Departures Features Pacific Jewish Center

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Back in November I wrote about our local PBS station, KCET, coming to visit us one morning to be part of their Departures Online Series. (KCET Visits PJC and Interviews Me). At the time, we were told that the project would be online in March or April. Not hearing from the producers since the interview I had a feeling that the project was dead.

I am happy to say that I was pleasantly surprised when I was treated to an email from producer Justin Cram that the Web Series was online and we were part of it!

This is the second time we have been featured in a wonderful online video project. Just a few weeks ago we were featured on MSNBC.com. (Pacific Jewish Center Featured on MSNBC.com)

The Departures project is massive. Departures is a journey around Los Angeles and into the heart and soul of the City. You could spend hours, perhaps days, discovering more and more about local Los Angeles. The series features stunning photography, interactive murals, video and a wealth of first hand information.

I am amazed at the quality of Departures and really recommend checking out the section on Pacific Jewish Center as well as the hundreds of other stories.

KCET came to visit us at morning services. I am photographed wearing my tallis and tefilin (phylacteries), no, it is not a mohawk.

Gary Dalin was interviewed about the history of our Shul and he gets 3 segments and I get 2 segments. Please watch below.

Pacific Jewish Center really needs your help.

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  • mazal tov. As you and the PJC have been zokhe to fame may you merit wealth as well!