The Story of Bottled Water Review: Important Video, Way Over the Top

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Last year I blogged about a wildly popular video called “The Story of Stuff” in my Green Post. At the time I lauded the video’s very important message but was disappointed in the means used to deliver that message.

The video used hyperbole and tactics reminiscent of propoganda materials to sway its viewer. I feel that when the facts are so compelling and the message so simple, the theatrics only serve to obscure the importance of the message.

Apparantly, Annie Leonard does not read my blog. (Shocking, I know…) Because she is at it again with a new video with an equally important message and equally disturbing imagery.

The facts are there. The message is important. The point is made. Why then does the video need to be so “over the top “?

The video teaches its viewer that many recycled materials are not actually recycled: problem. The video teaches its viewer that that most water bottles end up in landfills: problem. The video teaches its viewer that sometimes demand is created by corporations: problem. The video teaches its viewer that mass production takes a toll on the environment and our natural resources: problem. And there are many more worthy examples of good, universal truths found in the video.

Why then, does the video need to use imagery that is so blatantly used to evoke feelings of disgust from the viewer but are unrelated to the message of the video? It is reminiscent of a striking woman in an advertisement selling a copy-machine. The copy-machine’s value is in no way increased by the woman. Right? It’s just slippery sales and marketing. Why taint this important message with this type of sludge?

Example: In the intro the consumer is buying a product with packaging that has skulls and crossbones on it. Is that necessary?

Example: The only stick-figures smiling in the video is the cashier doffed in his top hat taking your money and the bottled water salesman.

Example: “Carrying bottled water is on its way to being as cool as smoking while pregnant”.

And I am sure my eagle-eyed readers will find many other examples in the video. I just wish they could impart the important messages of the video without going insane…

But I guess that really is too much to ask.

Video below, watch and pay attention. We only have one earth, let’s treat it right…