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Randy Newman says it perfectly. “I Love LA” he croons. We in Los Angeles hear that classic tune after every Lakers home victory. And there are plenty of those… I also hear it every time someone calls my wife’s mobile phone. It is her ringtone.

Today I had such a strong reminder of why living in Los Angeles is so great.

In addition to Law School and serving as the Rabbi on the Beach at Pacific Jewish Center, I work at the California Court of Appeals twice a week. The California Court of Appeals is in downtown Los Angeles, in how shall we say… a transitional neighborhood.

On my way from work to school something that doesn’t happen in my hometown of Monsey NY happened right before my eyes. As I was turning from Spring Street onto 8th Street a homeless man ran behind my car, unzipped his pants and relieved himself in front of incoming traffic. Yikes!

I went on to Law School, not traumatized, but slightly disturbed.

But on my way home from school, I experienced something so wonderful that said incident can be swept right under the carpet.

The weather was gorgeous today. It was at least 80 degrees and as dusk settled, it would have been obscene to have the car windows up. So I “rolled” down the windows and took in the perfect weather. At first it was just a hint, but the longer I drove, the more I was sure that I was smelling lilacs. Everywhere I drove lilacs were blooming. The air was infected with their perfumy scent and I was smitten. I sniffed my way home and I enjoyed every moment of the usually mind-numbing commute.

Even in serene Monsey NY flowers are not blooming so prolifically as to freshen the air of a huge swath of the city. Here in Los Angeles I was treated to a flowering garden potpourri on my commute home.

Oh ya, that sunburn I got while watching Rami play soccer on Sunday started to itch a little. Life’s tough in LA.

I ♡ LA

Randy Newman performs “I Love LA” acoustic style:

  • I love this song.

  • leslie friedman

    Uh, lilacs in LA? Maybe it was jasmine you were smelling. Anyway, glad you like LA!

    • What do I know?

      It smelled really good.

  • Sorry but the Randy has no voice. That was one of the sorriest songs of a 60+ pop has-been that I’ve ever heard. Insipid lyrics and forced nothing of a tune.

    You’re going to compare this to Sinatras New york , New York after Yankee games?

    • I would say something, but I won’t. Hamayvin Yavin.