Frum Satire Show at Pacific Jewish Center Was Incredible

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Frum Satire at PJCWow.

Heshy Fried aka Frum Satire performed in front of a very diverse crowd of ~60 at the Pacific Jewish Center at the Shul on the Beach on Sunday February 14 2010 and it was incredible.

Heshy ranted for over an hour and the audience was captivated. He could have gone on for another hour and had everyone laughing all the way through.

I introduced Heshy and the show with an important message. Judaism, in many ways has become more about idiosyncrasies and self-defining labels than substance, lately. Sometimes we need a keen satirist to remind us that most of that stuff is just silliness. We need to remember what the important things are and when Heshy cuts through “all the other stuff” with his wit and comedic genius, what remains is what is real.

So, I concluded, that is why I read Frum Satire and that is why I am honored to introduce all of you to the stylings of Frum Satire.

Heshy touched on so many great topics. Crazy shidduch resumes, messing with BTs, not looking yeshivish, kiddush techniques and many more hilarious anecdotes and observations were satired. The crowd loved it all. Laughing for an hour can hurt your face. I found that out after the show.

Heshy’s humor is clean and still manages to be very funny. Kudos!

Those who came to the show were so happy they did. Those who missed the show missed out on some great fun. We also met a bunch of new people to our shul who had never been inside before. It was a pleasure to meet you all!

I want to thank Heshy for making the Shul on the Beach his first West Coast show. We had a great time over Shabbos and the Sunday evening show. Come back and visit soon!

I edited a 7 minute portion of the show (just a few minutes from the beginning of the show) for your viewing pleasure. (I had no tripod and the camera was my Canon PowerShot SD 780 IS so please excuse the shakes.) Enjoy.