Mishloach Manos Packing on the Beach 2/14/10

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The Shul on the Beach

Yesterday was a great day for Pacific Jewish Center and our community.

A little while back, we decided that it would a lot of fun for the community to get together and pack mishloach manos together at the Shul on the Beach.

The event had a triple purpose. The goals were all met and exceeded. The first goal was to make a more creative mishloach manos that effectively reflected the spirit of the Shul on the Beach as opposed to using “canned” mimshloach manos from a vendor. The second goal was to have fun together as a community and use our creative talents in a productive way. The third was to invite the entire beach community to see our shul and invite them inside to see the shul and inform them about future events, like our upcoming Purim Celebration, as well as weekly services. This would be part of our Outreach on the Beach initiative.

Well, the mishloach manos are all packed. So we accomplished that goal.

A lot of community came to help and hang out and they all had a lot of fun. So we accomplished that goal.

And plenty of beach goers, dog walkers, tourists, neighbors and interesting people came to visit our shul and promised to return for a future event or services! Once again, we accomplished our goal. Some visitors even helped with the mishloach manos packing! Thanks!

It would be nice to mention everyone who came by name, but I know I would leave people out. So if you were there, maybe you’ll see a photo of yourself in the slideshow below. Leave a comment and tell us if you helped out!

The only person I will mention by name is my wife Tova. Tova organized the entire project and spent hours and hours choosing the items for the mishloach manos, finding the best vendors to purchase from, reordering when things got lost in transit or were out of stock 3 days before the event and of course designing the innovative looking mishloach manos packages. Thank you Tova!

Here is the slideshow. Enjoy!