An American Idol Contestant With a Huge Heart

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This clip was sent my way and I’ve got to admit it is amazing.

American Idol Season ~46,281 is underway and the most memorable moment so far has certainly been the Pants on the Ground phenomena. If you have seen or heard of it – you MUST go here right now and watch it (come back quick).

But as funny and entertaining as Larry Platt was, a different contestant said something that really struck a cord within me. That contestant was Lloyd Thomas.

It must take a certain level of confidence and narcisism to audition for American Idol. You need to promote yourself and sing in front of famous people as well as hope for a chance to sing in front of thousands more. That is not to mention the millions watching at home on TV and then reviewing it all on YouTube the next day!

And it stand to reason that most contestants that make it through to the next round are appreciative of the opportunity. Yet, most often they talk about how well they are going to do in the next round and try and endear themselves to the audience in case they make it really far.

Lloyd Thomas said something completely different. Watch the video below for the full quote. But in short, he made it through to the next round and said one of the sweetest things I have ever heard.

“I wish you could all taste what I taste right now”.

In his moment of triumph, in his moment of victory he was thinking about others. In the moment that most people would use for self promotion, he used it for sharing his love for people.

It certainly gave me pause.  When we are successful do we think to ourselves – I hope everyone else can feel this feeling of success? It certainly is not intuitive. But I must thank Lloyd Thomas for teaching me how to enjoy success.

Thanks Lloyd. And good luck!

You made a fan out of me…

  • It’s true; it was a beautiful sentiment and I remember getting the warm n fuzzies when I was watching. So many beautiful beautiful people in this world, B”H! Thanks for pointing out that we can/should all strive to follow their example. Shabbat Shalom!