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Thursday, January 28, 2010

az yashir splitting of the sea

How Hard Was It To Split The Sea? | Drasha Beshalach 2009

Special thanks to community member Elizabeth Danziger, founder of Worktalk Communications Consulting, for assisting in transforming this sermon from 2009 into an essay for this year. Splitting of the Sea and Doling Out Sustenance Beshalach 2009 The most seminal event in world history occurs in this week’s parsha. The Jewish people leave the clutches of the evil Egyptian empire. After ten punishing plagues are rained…

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Make a Difference, Just Do It | A Guest Post

A guest post by Rabbi Aaron Fink (my father), Dean of Ateres Bais Yaakov in Monsey NY. Part of a weekly Dvar Torah (Torah “Thought”) series. Parshas B’shalach Lasting Inspirations The inspiration of Krias Yam Suf was short lived. Almost immediately following the parting of the sea, Bnai Yisrael challenges Moshe (and Hashem Yisborach) with a litany of complaints. First there is no water, then…

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tim tebow-heisman

Tim Tebow's Pro-Life Superbowl Ad is Heartwarming and Reckless

This post has been crossposted to DovBear. UPDATE: RETRACTION AND APOLOGY HERE The most well-known athlete in America might be Tim Tebow. Tebow is possibly the most celebrated, successful college football player of all time. He was a 2 time national champion with the Florida Gators and a Heisman Trophy winner. His success, as well as his  good looks and supernatural physique has made him a…

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