Borrowing For Success | A Guest Post

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A guest post by Rabbi Aaron Fink (my father), Dean of Ateres Bais Yaakov in Monsey NY. Part of a weekly Dvar Torah (Torah “Thought”) series.

Parshas Bo

Borrowed Success and a Shared future

The process of Geulas Mitzrayim is filled with the Hashgacha of the yad Hashem each step of the way. It reaches its climax with makas bechoros, as Pharaoh finally demands that Klal Yisrael leave what was left of his tattered empire. The Torah delineates the events leading up to and immediately following Yitzias Mitzrayim to teach us that the Geula was a step-by-step process. Along the way, a fascinating dichotomy is revealed. As the Mitzrim were being readied to expel Bnei Yisrael from their midst – through the impact of the makkos, Klal Yisrael was being prepared for Geula through various takanos and tzivuyim which culminated with the Korban Pesach and continued to progress until ma’amad Har Sinai.

One interesting requirement was the tzivui to “borrow” gold and silver from the Mitzrim. Read…