Jewish Relief Efforts For Haiti Earthquake Victims

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In the wake of the tragedy in Haiti I write this post.

This post comes on the heels of my last post which quoted David Brooks and his admiration for the accopmlishments of the Jews. And now, we have an oppurtunity to show our stripes.

Haiti is not a very Jewish place. It is not frequented by business travelers or vacationers very often. Haiti never had a strong Jewish community. But in time of tragedy the Jewish community has a knack for stepping up to the plate and helping in the ways that we can.

The Talmud says that a hallmark characteristic of the Jewish people is that they are Rachmanim, compassionate. The response to the earthquake is an example of that compassion. There are a number of Jewish organizations that are raising funds for the relief effort. It would seem to me that to close our eyes to this opportunity would be a violent breach of rachmanus, compassionate action.

I am not saying you need to pledge your life savings or more than you normally give to poor people for charity. But it just seems to me that to ignore the plight of the thousands of people who are in desperate need is so callous that it would not befit a nation of Rachmanim.

Just think about the victims, look at the pictures, watch the video and you cannot help but feel compassion for these enfortunate victims.

Please do not hesitate to donate and help, even if it a small amount.

The idea is not so much that your miniscule donation with help alleviate this epic disaster. Rather it is inconceivable that a warm blooded, human being could not help those who are in such dire straights. If your gut is telling you that helping is the right thing to do, then follow your gut.

If your gut isn’t telling you to help, well, I find that hard to believe…

Please contribute to the Jewish Federations of North America and they will distribute the funds for relief efforts of the victims.