Mesillas Yesharim 1/10/10

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Chapter 9 continued.

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"The Thief" Part II | Why Not Be A Thief?

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A Guest Post By The Thief

Introduction here. Part I here.

Now you know what my life as a thief was like, why I stole and how great it felt. Part II is about my transition from thief to non-thief. My learning of Judaism which caused me to no longer be a thief did not follow a progressive time line. One event did not lead to the next. I do not know in which order I learned which concepts, but it was a conceptual relationship between the ideas, not a temporal one which caused a shift in my outlook and life choices. In addition, at no point in my life (prior to my change) did I ever regret being a thief or have any intention of learning how to fix that part of my personality.

So this section will instead list the various Jewish stories and laws which gave me a new perspective on things. Read…