PJC Chanukah Party 2009 Wrap Up and Photos

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menorahThe 2009 PJC Chanukah Party was a tremendous success.

As the Shul on the Beach, a community institution, we are charged with the responsibility and opportunity to bring Judaism to the boardwalk. Our Chanukah party, the first in a series of events and programs designed to reach that end was incredible.

Thank yous are in order to Jeff Liss for organizing, planning and executing the whole thing. Thank you so much. Many others contributed as well and for that we express our appreciation to you as well.

I have no way of knowing how many people came through our doors today,but it was a very large number. Rabbi Mintz was particularly effective at luring passers by into the shul. Thank you so much! The shul was packed with community members as well as many passers-by ranging from observant friends to completely unaffiliated Jews as well as many curious non-Jews.

I had the fortune of meeting some wonderful people. Like the father of an adorable daughter whose expectant wife was home. He thought a Chanukah Party would be the perfect way for this non-Jewish father to celebrate with his Jewish daughter. He noted, that as soon as possible, he will be bringing his wife and, God-willing, twin daughters, when mom and babies are up and about. He cited the generosity and friendliness of the community members as impressive.

I met people from all over Los Angeles. Locals, from Santa Monica and Venice. From all over Los Angeles from as far as the Valley to Marina del Rey. I met visitors from Chicago, New Jersey, Miami, Israel and the UK. It was truly a universal Chanukah celebration.

Once inside everyone was treated to warm hospitality, friendliness and traditional Chanukah foods. (Of course there was food.) Towards the end of the party I spoke to the remaining crowd and the audio has been posted here.

Our very talented Office Manager, Leslie Friedman took a lot of great photos. You can see them in a slideshow below. If you spot yourself leave us a comment and say hi!

  • Stained glass.

    …and they are beautiful. It is truly a “one of a kind” shul. In every possible way.

    It is such a privilege to be a part of it.