Gatorade Becoming Kosher, Drops Tiger Woods From Endorsements

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tiger gatorade focusIn the last few weeks Gatorade has been in the news for two separate reasons. One relates to its kosher certification and one relates to an endorsement deal with a famous athlete.

Is there a connection?

[Disclaimer: Please read the rest of this post tongue-in-cheek. I’m no expert on writing in general and certainly not humorous writing. This post is intended to be 13% information and 87% light hearted banter.]

About six weeks ago it was reported that Gatorade (and Tootsie Rolls) was going to become kosher (VIN). This means that a kosher supervising agency will verify that the ingredients and machinery used in Gatorade do not contain any non-Kosher ingredients. They will monitor the production of the plant and will place their stamp of approval on the product. Jewish consumers who do not eat food or drink without a kosher symbol verification will now be able to drink Gatorade. Isn’t that exciting?

I wondered, as anybody else who keeps kosher, if Gatorade will need to adjust their formula or if the certification just verifies that the elixir was kosher all along… I am afraid I will never know.

The word kosher is commonly used to refer to food items and whether they are technically allowed to be eaten by kosher observant Jews. But the truth is that kosher means much more than that. The word means “fit” and it applies to any and everything. The word kosher can be used as a replacement for “appropriate” or “okay” in situations besides the typical food usage. I wrote about this in the early stages of the blog when the Kosher GPS was announced.

It turns out that Gatorade may or may not have needed to make their formual kosher. But they did need to make their endorsements kosher.

Gatorade announced today that they are dropping Tiger Woods as a spokesperson for their product. The company will discontinue the Tiger Focus drink. It is being reported that the decision to drop Tiger preceded his current brouhaha involving the many women in his personal life. According to ABC News, a publication was informed of this decision 2 days prior to the initial incident at Tiger Woods’ home. You can read the AP story on ABC News.

All this means to me is that Gatorade knew about the women and personal problems before we did.

More importantly, Gatorade wants to project a more kosher image across the board. Their drink will have the kosher certification and their spokesperson roster will not include the latest sports villain, Tiger Woods.

Gatorade becoming kosher to drink and dropping Tiger Woods? Most definitely NOT a coincidence…

  • i thought we didn’t believe in coincidences anyway??!! I think many other companies will be dropping him from their brands.

    and i would wager that Gatorade is already kosher. Tootsie rolls too. I highly doubt they would change their product recipes just to satisfy a small portion of consumers.

    • I wonder if he will booed next time he competes? The entire golf world literally worships his every move, it is going to be very interesting…

      The products may not be kosher already. In New York, kosher certification brings in more business almost immediately, so it would be worthwhile…

      • The Law

        see what happened with Coors beer when they paid for the hashgacha…

        • a) what happened?

          b) beer doesn’t need a hechsher!

          • Milhouse

            Beer doesn’t need a hechsher, but Coors insisted on one anyway, because they had a marketing problem with Jews. Many Jews had a long-standing aversion to the brand, because the founder (who is long dead, and whose family no longer owns the company) was an antisemite. By getting a hechsher they hoped to overcome this and break into the Jewish market. To the best of my knowledge this proved successful.

  • a) what happened?

    b) beer doesn’t need a hechsher!