The Shofar: A Time Machine | Connections 9/7/09

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This evening we tackled another oft discussed them of Rosh Hashana, the Shofar.

We used a deep understanding of Shofar to answer a common and troubling calendaring issue regarding Rosh Hashana and Creation.

Overall, the participation was great, the energy was high and it was a great way to continue our preparatoins for Rosh Hashana.

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  • For years, you have noted the teachable moments (if fleeting) of interest in the Shofar.

    For full explanation of the Shofar and its sacred uses and history, go to

    Shofar Sounders WebPage

    Shofar WebPage

    Art Finkle

  • YC

    First of all, this was my first time listening to one of your PodCasts, ya’asher coach, thank you.

    1) Assumption is made that just by action- 7 days, so too by thought broken up into 7 days, hence R”H 6th day of thought and Birchat Hachama 4th day of action for sun. I guess source of that assumption is that Gemra and Tos.

    2) In Kesubos 2 steps in creation of man (by sheva brachot daf 7-8).

    3) The names of God and Perek 2 of Bereshit was brought up. One can learn like Rashi and say Perek 1 and Perek 2 is the same exact story. But one can read Perek 2 as a new story of creation that does away with all of this day 4, day 6 business. Does anyone address this?

    • I am glad you enjoyed and thanks for listening.

      1) Irrelevant assumption. It just seems simpler that way. Either way, the thought to create man had to be on RH

      2) Different inyan. Over there the issue is whether Adam and Chava were one or two creations.

      3) Not that I know of. In fact I have not really studied the 2 creations theory. Can you point me in the right direction?

      • YC

        2) I was only pointing to another sugya about creation where intentions of God as apposed to creation were separate and distinct (if the Gemra didnt say it, I would not)

        3) see The Two Stories of Creation
        Rav Soloveitchik’s essay The Lonely Man of Faith

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