Ron Artest Is Going To The Lakers | What Do I Think?

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Yes, the red-headed step child of the NBA is going to the Lakers.

There are folks who will be up in arms over a known “thug” joining their beloved Lakers.

The same Ron Artest who was suspended for one full year from participating in NBA games for his egregious actions when he was a young up and coming star with the Pacers.

As a Parent and as Rabbi you may want to know: What do I think?

If you read my blog you should know what I think.

To me, an athlete is judged on one thing and one thing only, their athletic ability.

I don’t care how many illegitimate children they have. I don’t care if they are nice people. I don’t care if they have good sportsmanship.

Those are the values that are my responsibility to teach my children. In fact, my son of 6 already knows that Artest is a thug. He also knows that kind of behavior is unacceptable. He also knows Artest is a great ball player and that has no impact on his character.

Now, if Artest’s behavior affects the performance of my team, then I start to care. But if he is a great teammate and contributes to the team, he is a good Laker.


  • Artest to the Lakers for now is a good thing.

  • Shimon

    No matter how good a player is he will always have to interact with him teammates.

  • Of course, but that’s never been the problem with Artest. His issue is with the players on the opposing teams and his thug mentality. His teammates love him!