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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Great Shavuos Turnout Renders Previous Post Moot

Last week I blogged about my bond of kinship with a pastor in Ocean City Maryland. We both are clergy working on beaches with fickle crowds. Sometimes we are packed and sometimes we are not… The post generated a bit of a response from some of our Community Members as well as some other blog readers. We had one commenter wonder if anyone reads this…

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Mesillas Yesharim 05/24/09

You may recall that last week we did not get any further in the Messilas Yesharim text. Oh yes, we had a great discussion about getting serious about life. We devoted much of our discussion to clothes. Clothes has been a hot topic at the Pacific Jewish Center lately. Yesterday, we supposed to talk about the number 50 in Judaism and why Shavuos is the…

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Do You Like Reading Blogs?

A great weekly Jewish (mostly) blog roundup called Haveil Havalim has been going strong for 219 rounds. I just heard of it this week. That is pretty lame, I am well aware Anyway, I heard of it thanks to DovBear of http://dovbear.blogspot.com fame. I got a couple mentions in the post and I do appreciate that. Read on for the link.

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