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Why the War of Words About Open Orthodoxy Won’t Matter

Judging by the number of articles, words per article, comments per article, and pure passion, one could reasonably conclude that the war of words being waged against Open Orthodoxy is of major public interest and concern. I am certain that many people are extremely invested…

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Conscious Judaism Reading List

In 2011, I compiled a list of my favorite books that explore and inform the rationalist Orthodox Jewish world and shared it around Chanukah time. A couple of years later, I compiled a list of my favorite books that are decidedly non-rationalist. People actually use these lists and that’s…

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Finkorswim Live on the Stunt Show: Women Rabbis and Hevria Academy

Presenting another episode of Finkorswim Live on the Stunt Show. Today’s show featured two topics. Understanding both sides of the Orthodox women rabbis issue and Elad Nehorai joined us to talk about Hevria and Hevria Academy. The show aired at 1 PM ET today on and the NSN App. The…

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